Punta Majahua, Zozaya Arquitecto’s most recent project. The perfect place to switch off from stressful lives and relax facing the hypnotic waves of the Pacific coast, exclusive beachfront condos located on the beautiful Troncones, Mexico, this meticulous 2.5 Acre peninsula is located in between Manzanillo and Majahua beach allowing all of its condos to enjoy one of the most spectacular ocean views. Not only is Punta Majahua the perfect destination for you but also you will be a part of a new sustainable and happy community.


Sustainable & Happy Community

Most of us have dreamed of having a small beachfront home where we can pass our days admiring the sunset and the beauty of nature. But at the same time we want to be close to our family and friends and keep doing work that gets us through the day. Fortunately our team has been working really hard to make your wishes come true.  Punta Majahua will become your small village allowing you and your friends to relax but at the same time keep you physically active and emotionally Happy.

We will be focusing in four major points:

01. comunnity

You will be part of an exclusive community where all of its members will be sharing hobbies, activities, and good times. 


Each member will have a specific role. We will be changing roles per season allowing all members to vary their activities from this time.


Our community will be 100% sustainable. We will be developing innovating strategies such as pluvial collecting system, solar panels and farm to table garden area.


We want to keep Troncones happy as well, by creating projects focused to help the local community.




MAJAHUA acceso-2.jpg

The Masterplan

The Masterplan of Punta Majahua was designed to prioritize the view and comfort of the condos. Thanks to its incredible location on the peninsula, it has allowed us to give every condo ocean views and beachfront. Ground Floor condos will enjoy having private access to the beach, a large pool and garden, while the upper floors will have the most spectacular 180ª ocean views.

Nicole, Maria and Sofia are the three different villas available. Each one has unique qualities but they all share an organic design based on curves helping it to get natural ventilation and light. The design by Zozaya Arquitectos takes up the key elements of the renowned Zihuatanejo style and implements new construction elements like bamboo.

Large open spaces, the use of local materials, palapas, and infinity pools are some of the main features. 

If you want to know more about the villas Click in The Village.


Masterplan Punta Majahua

Masterplan Punta Majahua


Punta Majahua see it, feel it, live it...

Troncones Beach

This pristine 5 kilometer long beach, one the best “secret” surf  beaches in Mexico, is located 20 minutes north of  Zihuatanejo.  The village of Troncones is home to just 600 people making this one of the best beaches in Mexico, not too crowded but perfect to just come, relax, enjoy and surf.




Where is Punta Majahua?

As it name says Punta Majahua is located at the point of majahua beach, just in between manzanillo & majahua beach, 25 min drive from Zihuatanejo´s International Airport.