1. hoa- WHAT'S included:

a.      All annual taxes on Common areas and installations

b.      All common area maintenance

c.      All exterior maintenance including Painting and Re-roofing as needed

d.      Full time Administration. Includes personnel for concierge during regular business hours. Duties to include managing Maintenance and Gardening staff, Managing Operating accounts for Homeowners (Collecting monthly utility bills and getting them paid). Working with Accountants, outside maintenance Personnel, Outside Housekeeping Personnel and homeowners needing assistance.

e.      Full Time Gardener and Maintenance Personnel – Services include all common area Gardening and Grounds keeping, Common area pool maintenance and chemicals, Private plunge Pool Maintenance. Basic Interior maintenance services on a “near cost “ basis ( charged at a low time and material rate – this may include cleaning A/C filters, minor electrical and plumbing, etc – all monies go back to the HOA general fund )

f.       Property Taxes on Common Areas

g.      Garbage Pickup

h.      Resort style Pool towel Service for Owners

i.        All utilities for common areas – Electric, Water, Administration Office, Laundry Facility for Pool Towels

j.        Sewage treatment plant and Recycled water distribution System maintenance

k.      Liability Insurance for Common areas

l.        Federal zone ( Beach Use ) permit Taxes and maintenance of beach areas

m.    Basic legal expenses for moderating, advising and recording HOA meetings and changes to Regulations.

n.      All payroll taxes, Social Security and Health care benefits for Employees

o.      A portion of the monthly HOA fee goes direct to the Associations reserve fund for future Capital expenses such new roofs, exterior painting, equipment replacement, etc ) 


2. HOA – Cost: 

Estimated cost as of January, 2018 are as follows; $3.3 USD per sqm per month.


We are currently planning on allowing pets for homeowners only – Pets from outside guest not allowed

4. Property Taxes 

Common area taxes are covered by the HOA. Home Owners pay Individual taxes on their units – they are very low in our area and we estimate them to be less than $500 per year.

5. Insurance

Common areas are covered by the HOA. Homeowners can also purchase additional insurance for contents.

6. Parking

Punta Majahua will offer common parking area for owners and visitors (Limited capacity.) An additional garage with storage can be purchased – starting from $14,400.00 USD.

7. Modifications in Condo

All owners will have the right to choose different materials and finishes inside their condo according to what the proposed design by the architects offers. All changes that imply a RE-DESIGN of plans, will have an Extra Fee for design plus extra cost for the new item when applicable.

8. Utilities

Owners will be responsible for their Electric and Water meters, Phone/internet line and satellite hookup for TV. The administration will provide One Dish discreetly located for each building for owners to connect to.

9. Common Areas Furnishing

Furniture and appliances on common areas are not included in the price of the condo.

10. Download our extras quotes

11. Haulage and installations

Punta Majahua charges an installation and/or haulage fee for any product, appliance or furniture that requires us to do the installation and delivery inside condo.

12. administration 

Administration company will manage the units bill paying and provide a monthly statement to each homeowner – It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain sufficient funds in the account.

13. Rentals

The administration company will offer service of rental management for a fee.  Owners are allowed to manage their own rentals, we will have some restrictions on our rentals rules.

14. Can foreigners own property in Mexico?  

 Yes, The most common route for foreigners purchasing Residential property is through a “Fideicomiso” where the Title is in Favor of the Owner and a Recognized Mexican Banking institution hold the Trust. The current fees are approximately $2000 to establish the trust and $430 per year for a typical 2 bedroom vacation home in this area.



Please contact us if you have any further questions